Oxo biodegradable polywoven dunnage bags?

In layman’s terms, oxo biodegradable plastic is plastic that will degrade into micro fragments in the environment in years and/or months instead of the normal hundreds of years.This is made possible by adding some metal salt additive into the plastic resin which will help to speed up the degradation process.
Many countries have introduced requirements for throw-away and single-use plastic articles to be made from oxo degradable plastic.Examples of such articles are shopping bags, rubbish bags, plastic wraps, shrink wraps , cling wraps, cutlery etc. There are some grey areas where the authorities,users and manufacturers are in disagreement on the scope. More studies and discussion will be necessary to sort out the contentious issues involved.
As a general guideline, all inflatable plastic products should be outside the scope of this oxo biodegradable requirement.Inflatable products are normally filled with air and there must not be any holes( no matter how small) in the plastic liner.Otherwise, the air will leak out and render the product unusable. The risk of a puncture when oxo biodegradable plastic is used is very high as the degradation will take place in the presence of air and moisture immediately after the product is made. As such dunnage bags should be placed outside the scope of the oxo biodegradable plastic requirement.

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